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The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Page # 81-111

Chapter Summary
Nick comes home from his date he had with Jordan in the end of the last chapter and Gatsby comes up to Nick’s house in his car asking him to go out with him, but his main intention is to ask him to invite him and Daisy to tea, almost like a blind date. Nick agrees and Gatsby thanks him and in return asks if he wants a special job, but Nick refuses because it seems scandalous. Daisy finally comes over and at first it is very awkward and quiet between the two, but once Nick leaves the house and leaves them alone, they begin to fall in love and talk more. After when Nick returned Gatsby invited them to his house so he could show off all his great stuff in his big house to impress Daisy. Daisy is shocked by his house, servants, things, etc and thinks very highly of Gatsby and begins to build a big image of him and his life-style.

Character Analysis: Dan Cody

“A large phonograph of an elderly man in yachting costume attracted me, hung on the wall over his desk… He’s dead now. He used to be my best friend years ago.” (Nick and Gatsby 93)

Best Qualities:
There is not a lot known about Dan Cody so far because when Nick talked about him to Gatsby, he tried to shy away from the subject just saying the minimum information. We know he is a man much older than Gatsby and he must be fairly rich because he is on a yacht. His best quality is probably the extensiveness of his wealth, shown through him owning a yacht in that time period.

Character Role in Novel:
His role in the novel is to give some back-story to Gatsby, even if there is only a little given. It is a possibility that Gatsby got all his wealth from this rich yachting tycoon. Also Gatsby describes him as his dead best friend, maybe that is why Gatsby is so exclusive and quiet now because he is said he lost all his close family and friends. Even with the little information we receive about Dan Cody, it helps us to characterize Gatsby more as being truly lonely and sad. Also we know Gatsby isn’t lying that Cody is his friend because why else would he hang the picture over his desk. This is first person we see in the novel that Gatsby somewhat cares about besides Daisy. Dan Cody is important insight to Gatsby personality, past, and emotions.

Meaningful Quote:
One thing’s sure and nothing’s surer, The rich get richer and the poor get---children.”

In think this part from a short song in this chapter is important because it is era-less saying. Throughout history you always see a strong division and vast separation in classes of rich and poor. Not very often do you see a strong middle class like the U.S. Like the old saying goes, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is timeless. This idea frustrates me so much; the rich don’t care about the poor and will step on anyone to stay rich and all the poor want to do is become rich. No one is ever content with what they have.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be poor, but society will also have rich and poor because of greed. We see this greed in all the characters in the novel except in Nick and a little in Tom, but the rest are greedy, show offs, and always want more. This may have a deeper meaning later on in the novel with Nick's lack of greed.

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